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The GM 2020/21 entry level batting pads are the ideal product for aspiring young cricketers and those new to the game. Great comfort and suitable levels of protection combine to make a great looking pad. All pads are manufactured to match our 2020/21 product design visuals.

GM 303 Pads

$89.90 Regular Price
$49.90Sale Price
    • Ambidextrous
    • PVC Facing
    • Traditional Cotton/Cane Construction
    • Low Density Foam/Raw Cotton Vertical Bolster
    • Stitched-In Top Hat x 2
    • Plastic Fibre/Dual Layer Foam/Low Density Foam Cotton Knee Locator,
    • 2” Strap x 1, 1” Strap x 2
    • PVC Instep
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