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The Instinct line from HEAD isn’t dead! Instead, the HEAD Instinct MP 2022 has been revealed as a cosmetic update.

The HEAD Instinct MP 2022 is a “bluer” version of the HEAD Instinct MP 2021 that I reviewed last year. I enjoyed that racquet a lot and thought it was easy power and spin potential without the harshness of some other racquets in the category. My hitting partner Sebastian also tried the racquet and decided to switch from this old Pure Drive to the Instinct MP.

I’m not sure I prefer the new graphics, but that’s a personal taste. The new one is to the left and the outgoing one (which I’m sure you can find at a good price at the moment), is to the right.

Head Instinct Team 22

    • Head Size: 100in².
    • Weight: 285 g.
    • Length: 27 inches.
    • Balance Point: 320 mm.
    • Stringing Pattern: 16 x 19.
    • Beam: 23/26/23 mm.
    • Stringing Tension: 48-57lb
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