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Based on 20 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of how to design helmets for goalkeepers, OBO has developed a facemask that combines energy-absorbing closed-cell foam and high-tensile steel wire that offers a higher level of protection than any other penalty corner mask ever made.

OOP Faceoff Face Mask

$99.90 Regular Price
$79.90Sale Price
  • - Number 1 choice for almost every penalty corner defender at international level.
    - Unparalleled visibility and protection, no other face mask will make you feel or be safer.
    - Open wire design means nothing to scratch or fog up.
    - Unobstructed vision in front and below means no losing sight of the ball when it’s at your feet.
    - Fully adjusted elasticated straps. Quick On/Off function.
    - Protective and comfy chin cup. Easy to hear and talk.

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