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Perform with precision. Recover quicker. Our medium compression profile focuses on the arms to reduce muscle oscillation and increase awareness of limb placement to train for longer. Strategically placed mesh panelling at the front, rear, and side improves airflow and moisture-wicking.


At SKINS, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. We take the sizing and fit of our garments seriously. We want to make sure you feel comfortable, and you get all the benefits of precise compression. We know that for athletes to perform at their best, they need to be comfortable. So we use body mass index (BMI) measurements to determine every individual’s best-sized garment. Using BMI measurements ensures both compression and comfort levels are optimised.


See the size guide in our gallery.

Skins Women's 3-Series LS Top

    • Targeted compression for reduced fatigue and increased performance 
    • Mesh panels for maximum comfort, wicking and temperature regulation
    • Silver reflective logos 
    • 76% Nylon 6, 24% Elastane
    • Manufactured in Madagascar 
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