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The T-Fight 300 Isoflex tennis racquet is the most powerful in the range and ideal for competitive players. The new T-Fight Isoflex range is designed to unleash players' potential particularly thanks to two Tecnilab innovations: RS Section and Isoflex, delivering a unique feeling of dynamic control. "RS Section" combines the best of the classic "square" and "round" frame sections for specific ergonomics with 5 sides to strike the ideal compromise between power and control. Isoflex technology provides varying stiffness all around the frame in association with each string for a more consistent string bed, enhancing forgiveness and stability on impact. 300 g weight for effortless handling and acceleration of the racquet head to unleash maximum power. 630 sq cm head size for more stability and precision. 16x19 string pattern for maximum spin. The best choice for competitive players looking for winning shots.


  • For top-level competitive and regular players
  • The most widely used racquet in the T-FIGHT range
  • Maximum power
  • Optimum spin
  • High-performance, elegant design


* No cover supplied with this racquet.

Tecnifibre T-Fight 300 Isoflex

    • Range: T-FIGHT
    • Material: Graphite
    • Head size: 630cm² / 98in²
    • Weight: 300g / 10,6oz
    • Balance: 320mm
    • Length: 68,6cm
    • Stringing pattern: 16x19
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